Carolina Mattress Recyclers

  The Facts  
JavaScript Scroller - Sample #1 (basic scroller)   Used mattress disposal is a growing problem in US landfills. Traditional disposal at landfills is becoming expensive and in many cases, no longer allowed. Because of increased regulations, space constraints, and decisions to ban mattresses from many landfills, disposal becomes almost impossible and recycling becomes the smart and viable alternative.

The principle materials that can be recovered and recycled from a mattress are steel, foam, fiber, and other filling materials. There are existing markets for the reuse of these items into other products provided they are separated, thus preventing them from becoming part of the landfill.

Currently, we recycle approximately 99% of all mattress components. The average mattress weighs 65 pounds and takes up 23 cubic feet of landfill space. When recycled, this is a huge amount of refuse that goes back into useful products instead of filling the landfill. As a perspective to the enormous size of mattresses, a trailer load of used mattresses is equal to two swimming pools full of waste when dumped in a landfill. Mattresses do not compact nor do they decompose. These used mattresses consume a large amount of landfill space relative to their light weight. They are there for ETERNITY!

As a way around the tipping fees at landfills, many people are leaving them beside roadways or illegally discarding them. Some landfills charge as much as $40 per mattress tipping fee. The costs that the landfill incurs in accepting mattresses is equal to about $15 per mattress. Actually, the landfill would be more profitable if it were to pay anything less than $15 for someone else to dispose of or recycle the used mattress.

Selling renovated mattresses as new products is illegal in many states yet some of these “renovators” put new covers on old mattresses, ship them to states with no regulations on their sale, and pass them off as “new”. Besides the obvious health issues concerning one of these renovated mattresses, many sell them as new mattresses without telling the consumer the truth. It is estimated that this underground market could equal up to 35% of annual new units sold and thus deceiving the end consumer.

Our company’s mission is to do our part to make the world a better place. It is our objective to provide our employees stability in an environmentally safe workplace. We encourage our employees as well as our customers to have the same attitude towards making a world of difference by doing their part in helping conserve the world in which we live.